Summary of the issue:

The property on Vine Hill Way has been permanent open space since it was created as a lot in the mid 70ís.Itís a pretty plot of land along Vine Hill Way between Center and Morello.The property owner has been trying to develop the land for years and finally has convinced the Martinez City Council to pass a General Plan Amendment that would allow the possibility of development.The Martinez planning commission, manager and attorney advised against this, but the vote was 4-0 to allow for the amendment.

This piece of property, along with several others in the Pine Meadows subdivision were set aside as permanent open space as a mitigation for the development of the subdivision.Conditions havenít changed so thereís no basis for changing the zoning.

No open space protected by the General Plan has been developed in Martinez before Ė allowing it to happen now would be a dangerous precedent.A final vote by the council needs to be taken before this happens.See the web site listed above for more detail or contact us and weíll be glad to tell you more.